Here are the rules for the roleplays.

To make one

  • You must sign up on the sign up page.
  • Then you must list your username, roleplay name, and main idea of the roleplay.
  • Over time I will think and discuss it with you.
  • If I confirm it your roleplay will become one.
  • If I do not confirm it please do not get upset because I will confirm it in the future!

Competition Rules

  • To compete you must sign up on the sign up page.
  • Then you will give the name of your character, and a drawing of your character.
  • No foul language in the competition. If you curse you must use a *.


  • The judges will decide you gets eliminated by attitude, rating of challenge preformance, and number of votes.
  • At your elimination do NOT throw a tantrum and be a "Courtney" or a "Heather".
  • Most of your elimination will be based on votes.
  • If there is a tie in votes there will be a double elimination OR a tiebreaker like in the real Total Drama.