Don't be confused by Paula, from Total Drama School

Paula Winter McLean is a contestant on TDTH. She is played by User:Barbiegirlvolcano. She is labeled Goth Ghost Lover.

Paula (TDTH)
Gender female
Hair color Black with dark violet streaks
Eye color black
Episode Eliminated TBA
Ranking TBA
Relationship Jackson (on her side)
Family Chris(father), Barbie, Lindsay(adopted sisters)
Friends Jackson, Mandy, Danielle
Enemies Monica, Drac(possibly)
Fear(s) dying, being rejected
Talent(s) having anger issues
Nicknames Paul, Pauls, BFF, friend, Creepy
Voice actor Gwen Stefani
favorite color black
favorite song Bad Romance
favorite movie Saw VI
favorite food tacos

About PaulaEdit

Words to describe her.

  • Goth
  • Loner
  • Smart
  • bossy
  • pushy
  • misunderstood
  • smoker

Paula was born in a large mansion in an unhappy neighborhood. Kids pushed her around and one day she got so ticked off she became a mean,bossy, pushy goth. She speaks almost only in monotone and fights back when people tell her to do. If you tick off Paula's been nice knowing you! Paula smokes because she says "It takes the pressure off her." Paula can do this because she is only two weeks away from turning 21.

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