Don't be confused by Paula, from Total Drama The Haunting

Paula is labeled the Friendly Punk. She is a contestant on Total Drama School.

About PaulaEdit

"Paula is a very friendly person. She smoked since young, probably because she wanted more attention. Paula is the person you can count on to tell her secrets, and if you are in a bad moment and you need someone to mood you up, and laugh about your problems. You like a girl so badly that you can't even breathe when she's around? Paula will help you with that. She's an undeniably trustable person" - Reccommended by Herman

"I had lots of arguements with Paula, specially that summer of '09 we went together on holidays. That was the biggest one that almost broke our friendship. Then she started treating me bad, and I stopped talking to her. Then I transfered school and I didn't call or see her again" - Reccommended by Sabrina