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New Roleplay Info

  • Total Drama The Haunting - We are on episode 4. Monica has just been eliminated.
  • Total Drama School - We are on episode 5. Brenda has just been eliminated.
  • Total Drama Fashions - New Roleplay! Sign up here!

Total Drama The Haunting - Monica Eliminated


Monica has just been eliminated in Hide and seek. Paula and Mandy voted for Monica and even her own BFF Danielle voted for her. Who will go next? Will Paula and Jackson kiss? Find out next time on Total Drama The Haunting!

Total Drama School - Brenda is eliminated?

Brenda got eliminated early in Math Geeks due to Bella's dislike of her. Dylan will be so sad. :( Bella is really happy. Who will be eliminated in the next episode? Will Brenda sue the show? Find out next week!

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Total Drama School - New Episode

New episode of TDS is starting. It's called Talent Show!

Total Drama Fashions - Sign Ups (open)

Sign up for a new roleplay! It's called Total Drama Fashions. Duncanizzy created it! There are spots for co-host, host, and contestants open!

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